Sleek Innovation: ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro Review

Welcome to our review of the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer! This innovative printer boasts a range of impressive features designed to enhance your 3D printing experience. From the dual-gear ‍direct extruder to the auto bed leveling and large printing size, this ‍printer⁢ has everything you need to create​ high-quality prints with ease.⁣ Join us as we dive into⁢ the details of this⁣ advanced 3D‍ printer and⁤ discover how it can take your ​printing projects‍ to⁤ the⁢ next level.

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When it comes to 3D printing, precision ‌and ease of use are essential and with the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro, you​ get exactly ​that. The printer is equipped with a dual-gear‍ direct extruder ⁤that ensures ‌smoother filament feeding​ and‌ more accurate ​printing, resulting in a superior printing effect⁤ compared to​ Bowden​ extruders. Additionally, the nozzle kit with ‍a titanium alloy throat pipe and efficient ⁢cooling​ fan helps prevent ‍clogging, ensuring a hassle-free‍ printing⁢ experience with multiple filament⁤ options like PLA, TPU, PETG, and ABS.

The Neptune 3 Pro also⁣ offers a smarter printing experience with auto⁢ mesh bed leveling and smart resume printing features. The printer automatically adjusts the Z-axis height to compensate for any platform irregularities and ⁢can ‍pause and resume printing in case of ⁢filament⁤ run-out or power outage.‌ With a large printing⁤ size ‌of 8.85×8.85×11 inches, a stable ⁣movement system, and low noise operation, the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro is ‌the ideal choice‍ for users‍ looking for high-quality prints with ease.

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Impressive Features and Aspects

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When it ⁣comes to , the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer certainly does⁤ not ​disappoint. The inclusion of a ⁤Dual-Gear Direct Extruder made of high-quality stainless steel⁣ with ‍a ⁤3:1 reduction ratio‍ ensures smoother filament feeding and more stable ‌printing. ‍This not only reduces nozzle clogging ⁣but also ⁣enhances printing accuracy, surpassing the⁤ performance of a traditional Bowden⁤ extruder. The ‍printer is also compatible with multiple ⁣filaments including PLA, TPU, PETG,⁣ and ABS, providing versatility for ‌various printing ‌projects.

Additionally, ‌the printer offers a smarter ‌printing experience with‍ auto ‍mesh bed leveling and⁢ smart resume printing ‍features. The auto mesh bed leveling feature utilizes⁢ a non-contact ⁤high ⁣precision sensor to automatically adjust the Z-axis height, compensating for any irregularities⁢ on the ⁣printing platform. Furthermore, the Z-axis dual ⁤synchronized lead screws and dual-motor⁣ drive provide more stable movement of‌ the print head, resulting in⁢ higher printing accuracy. With these cutting-edge features, the ELEGOO‍ Neptune 3 Pro FDM​ 3D Printer offers a reliable and‌ efficient printing ‌solution for users of all levels.

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In-depth Insights‌ and Recommendations

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When it comes to 3D printing, ‍precision and reliability are ​key, and the⁣ ELEGOO ⁣Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer‍ certainly ​delivers on both fronts. ‍The dual-gear direct extruder provides a smoother filament feeding experience, reducing the chances of⁤ nozzle clogging ​and under-extrusion.⁣ This ​printer is compatible with various filaments, giving you the ‍flexibility to print with different materials such as ​PLA, TPU, PETG,⁢ and ABS. The addition of ⁤the ⁤nozzle kit with titanium​ alloy throat pipe ⁣and aluminum heat sink structure further enhances‌ the printing effect, ensuring high-quality⁤ results every time.

One of the standout features of the Neptune 3 Pro is the‌ auto⁣ mesh bed leveling, which uses a high precision sensor ⁣to scan the hotbed ⁢and adjust the Z-axis height in real-time. This results ‌in ⁢a more even print surface, reducing the ⁤chances of printing irregularities. The dual synchronized lead screws and dual-motor drive⁣ contribute to‍ a more stable printing experience, ⁢with the 4-wheel V-guide rail pulley‌ providing ‌smooth movement and ‍quiet⁢ operation. With a ⁢generous printing size of 8.85×8.85×11⁤ inches, this printer caters to a wide range of⁤ printing needs. ⁣Overall, the ELEGOO Neptune 3⁤ Pro FDM​ 3D Printer is a solid ⁣choice for both beginners and experienced users looking for a ⁤reliable⁢ and user-friendly 3D printing experience. Ready to take your 3D printing projects to the⁢ next​ level? Check out the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer on ⁢Amazon today!

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for⁤ the ELEGOO Neptune⁢ 3 Pro​ 3D Printer, ‌we have gathered some valuable insights:

Positive Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis:

  • The ⁢majority of customers praised the ease of⁢ use and⁤ simplicity of the ⁢machine, especially for beginners.
  • Customers appreciated the⁤ quality of prints, particularly when using high-quality filaments like‌ Amolen silk shiny PLA.
  • Maintaining the printer seems straightforward, with users recommending regular bed leveling⁣ and quick nozzle replacements.

Negative⁤ Customer ​Reviews Analysis:

  • Some users found the ⁢bed leveling process manual and time-consuming, leading‍ to issues with print quality.
  • Noise level and strong odors from ​printing were a concern for ⁣some users, prompting them to relocate⁤ the printer.
  • Accuracy issues with hole diameters and difficulty in removing supports​ were noted by a few ⁤customers.


Overall, the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro 3D Printer ⁤has garnered positive feedback ⁢for its‍ user-friendly interface ​and quality ⁢prints. While some minor issues were reported, such as noise levels and ​bed leveling complexities, ⁣the majority of customers found it to be a reliable⁣ and efficient machine for their 3D printing needs.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Sleek and innovative design
Dual-Gear Direct Extruder for ​smoother filament feeding
Nozzle Kit for better printing effect
Auto ​mesh bed⁤ leveling for ⁤more accurate prints
Smart resume printing feature
More stable printing with dual lead​ screw drive
Larger printing size of 8.85×8.85×11 inches
Quiet stepper motors​ for reduced noise
Easy setup​ with ⁤pre-assembled components‌ and tool kit


Auto ‍mesh bed leveling only applicable to metal printing platforms
May⁣ be considered⁣ expensive for‌ some users
Requires some technical knowledge‌ for optimal use


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Q: Is the‌ ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro easy to set up and assemble?

A: Yes, the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro comes with the main components ⁣pre-assembled‍ and a complete tool kit⁣ for quick ‌installation. The‍ easy-to-setup​ printer‍ makes it convenient for users to start printing right away.

Q: Can the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro⁤ print with different types of filaments?

A: Yes, the ELEGOO Neptune 3‍ Pro⁤ is compatible with multiple filaments such as PLA, ⁣TPU, PETG,⁤ and ABS, thanks to its dual-gear direct extruder. This allows for smoother filament feeding, more stable printing, and ​better printing effects compared‍ to a Bowden extruder.

Q: How ‍does the auto‍ mesh bed leveling feature work?

A: The‌ ELEGOO Neptune‍ 3 Pro’s ‍auto mesh bed leveling feature uses a non-contact high precision sensor to automatically scan 36 points ​of the⁤ hotbed in real-time. This data is then used to ‌adjust ‌the ‌Z-axis height to compensate for any⁣ irregularities and unevenness of the‍ printing platform, resulting in more accurate prints.

Q: Does the ELEGOO Neptune⁢ 3 Pro have a resume printing feature?

A: Yes, the ELEGOO⁣ Neptune 3 ⁢Pro ⁢has a ‌smart resume printing ‌feature that automatically pauses the printer when the filament runs out or breaks. This allows users to resume printing after a power outage ‍without having‍ to start the print job from the beginning.

Q:⁣ How stable is​ the printing performance of the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro?

A: The ELEGOO Neptune ⁣3 Pro‍ offers a more stable printing experience with‍ its dual synchronized⁣ lead screws and dual-motor drive for the Z-axis. This ensures more stable movement ​of‍ the print​ head and⁢ higher printing accuracy, reducing any printing ​deviations. The 4-wheel V-guide rail pulley also contributes to stable movement, low noise, wear resistance, and longer ⁣service life.

Experience Innovation

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After diving⁤ deep into the innovative features and impressive capabilities of ⁤the ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro 3D Printer, we are truly​ amazed by its sleek design and cutting-edge technology. This printer offers ‌users a smarter and more stable printing experience, making it a standout choice in the world of 3D printing.

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Happy ‍printing, and⁢ may your creations come to life with the help ⁣of this ⁢remarkable printer!

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