Revamp Your Ride with OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit

Are you tired of the faded, ruined A/C control buttons on‌ your GM vehicle? Look ​no further than the OxGord⁢ AC Dash Button Repair Kit! Made in the USA with original design, this kit is the⁣ perfect ‌solution for fixing those unsightly buttons. ​In our experience, the decals are easy to install and provide‍ excellent ⁢protection against sun damage. Say goodbye to ​peeling stickers and hello ⁤to seamless button repair with OxGord. Read on for ⁣our detailed review of this ‌must-have car accessory!

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When it comes to protecting and ⁤enhancing the look of your ​vehicle’s AC control ⁣buttons, the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit is a top ⁤choice. Made‌ from professional ‍grade​ plastic matte vinyl with black adhesive film,‍ these decals are ⁣designed to combat sun damage and fading paint,⁣ ensuring long-lasting protection for your ‍buttons.

With easy installation​ and precise alignment, these decals are a breeze to apply. Simply clean the surface, then place ⁤each ‍decal over its ‌matching button. Plus, the decals are designed to easily align with the ​buttons, ​and their ⁣powerful ⁢adhesive⁤ prevents peeling. For a ​seamless ​look that will revitalize your‌ vehicle’s interior, ⁤look no further‌ than the OxGord AC⁢ Dash Button Repair Kit.

Key Features​ and Benefits

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The ⁢OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit is ​a must-have for anyone looking to fix their ruined or faded A/C control buttons. Made⁢ in the USA from ‍professional grade plastic matte vinyl, these decals are ‍designed ‍to combat sun damage and mask any fading paint on your ⁣buttons. The blacked⁤ filmed adhesive ensures a ‌strong hold, preventing‍ peeling and ensuring⁣ long-lasting protection for‍ your ‍buttons.

Installing these decals is a breeze – simply ⁢clean the surface, apply each decal over the matching button, and ​enjoy the⁢ refreshed look⁤ of your control panel. Thanks to ‌their design, these decals easily align​ with their‌ corresponding buttons, making the ⁣process quick and hassle-free.‌ Plus, the decals may require some trimming ​for a ‌perfect​ fit, ensuring⁤ precise placement‍ over each designated button. Upgrade your vehicle’s interior with this ‍easy-to-use, high-quality ⁣repair kit today! Check it out on Amazon!

Detailed Insights⁢ and ⁢Recommendations

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After using the OxGord AC Dash ⁤Button Repair Kit, we ⁢are impressed with the durability and effectiveness of the product. The commercial grade plastic matte vinyl material ‌used for the decals provides excellent protection⁤ against sun damage ‍and ​fading, ensuring long-lasting results. The blacked filmed adhesive ‌also adds to​ the durability of‍ the decals, preventing peeling and keeping them securely ‍in place. Installation was a breeze – simply clean​ the surface, apply the decals over the matching⁣ buttons, and enjoy a refreshed look for your A/C control buttons. The easy alignment⁣ design of the decals allows ⁣for a⁤ precise⁤ fit, though some trimming may be necessary depending on the vehicle make and model.

We highly‌ recommend using the⁣ OxGord⁤ AC ‍Dash Button Repair Kit for anyone​ looking⁣ to restore their ruined⁤ or faded A/C control ⁢buttons. The decals are not‌ only‌ easy to install, ⁤but are also designed to seamlessly⁤ align with their matching ⁤buttons ‌for a professional finish.‌ Before⁤ purchasing, we suggest using Amazon’s Parts Finder Tool to ensure‍ proper fitment ⁣for your vehicle. Say goodbye to ‌unsightly faded buttons and hello to a refreshed‌ interior with the help of this high-quality repair kit. Don’t hesitate, click here to get your own OxGord AC Dash Button‍ Repair Kit​ today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit, we have gathered‍ valuable insights to help​ you​ make an informed decision about this ​product.

Review Rating
These look great and fit nicely. Much cheaper ⁣that buying a new control. Positive
A great job to mask the worn buttons. Dashboard ⁢looked new again. Positive
The stickers are slightly small and the quality of adhesive is weak. Mixed

Overall, customers seemed pleased with the results of using ​the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair Kit. It was⁣ praised ‌for‌ making the dashboard look like new again and being a cost-effective solution. However, some ‍users mentioned ⁣issues with⁢ the size of‍ the⁤ stickers and the adhesive quality, which may affect the longevity ‍of the repair.

If you prioritize affordability ‍and aesthetics, this product could be a great option for revamping the look of ​your vehicle’s ⁣AC control buttons. Just be mindful⁣ of the potential⁢ challenges mentioned by some reviewers⁣ before making ‍your purchase.

Pros & Cons

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Pros⁣ &‌ Cons

Pros Cons
1. Original design made in the ‌USA 1. ‌May require trimming for accurate alignment
2. Best for fixing‍ ruined, faded A/C control buttons 2. Alignment‍ and measurement may vary based⁤ on the vehicle⁢ make and model
3. Easy to install with powerful adhesive to prevent peeling 3. Some users may prefer​ physical ‍buttons ​instead of decals
4. Professional ⁣grade plastic​ matte vinyl for ⁢button⁤ protection 4. May not fit all GM vehicles outside⁣ the‍ 07-14 range

Overall, the ‌OxGord AC Dash ‌Button Repair Kit is a convenient solution to revamp your ride’s A/C control buttons. While it may require some trimming and ‍alignment adjustments, the quality materials‌ and easy installation process make it a great choice for restoring the look‌ of your vehicle’s interior.


Q: Do these decals really ⁢protect ​the ​buttons from sun damage?
A: Yes, the OxGord AC ⁤Dash ⁤Button Repair ⁤Kit is made from professional-grade plastic matte vinyl with a black-filmed adhesive that helps combat sun damage and mask fading paint of the buttons.

Q: How easy are these decals to install?
A: They⁣ are very easy to install. Simply clean the surface of any dirt and oil, then ​apply each decal over ⁣the matching buttons. Take your time to ensure proper placement, as exact ⁤alignment ‍may vary⁣ based ‌on the make⁣ and​ model of your vehicle.⁣ Some trimming may‌ be required for ⁤accurate ‍alignment.

Q: Are these decals ​actually stickers?
A: No, these are not buttons or stickers. They are decals specifically designed ‌to easily⁢ align with ​their matching button. The powerful‍ adhesive ensures that they will not⁤ peel off easily.

Q: How can I make sure these decals will fit my vehicle?
A: ⁣Please refer to Amazon’s Parts Finder Tool to ensure fitment. Select your vehicle’s year, make, and‌ model to make sure they will fit correctly.

Experience the Difference

As we wrap up our ‍review of the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair​ Kit, it’s ​clear that this product is a ​game-changer when it comes ‌to revamping ⁢your ‌ride and⁢ fixing⁤ those pesky faded A/C control buttons. With its original⁣ design,​ made in the USA quality, and easy ‍installation ⁢process, this kit ⁤is‌ a⁣ must-have for any car, ‍SUV, van,⁣ or truck owner.

Don’t let your vehicle’s ‍interior ‌suffer from worn-out buttons any ⁣longer. Upgrade with the OxGord ⁢AC Dash Button Repair ‍Kit ‌today and experience ​the difference for yourself!

Ready to transform⁢ your ride? Click here to get your hands on ⁢the OxGord AC Dash Button Repair ‌Kit now!

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