Enhance Your Typing Experience: Wired Number Pad with Comfortable Design & Easy Installation

Welcome to ​our product review blog post for the Wired Number Pad, USB Numeric Keypad 19‌ Key Number Keypad Keyboard ‌for Laptop PC Computer ‌Notebook, Big Print Letters – Black.‌ Today, we are⁣ excited to share our first-hand ⁣experience ⁢with this innovative product that aims to enhance your typing and numerical input on various devices.

With an integrated ergonomic tilt, this numeric ​keypad provides a ⁣comfortable⁣ typing experience and⁢ helps reduce ⁣wrist​ strain. We found the keys to‌ have a quiet and soft‍ touch, making it a pleasure to use. Whether you‌ are inputting numbers or​ performing calculations, the ⁤low noise of the 19-key USB numeric keypad ‍ensures a peaceful working‌ environment.

One of ⁢the standout features⁣ of this ​wired number pad is its full-size ⁢19mm ‍keys,⁢ which greatly improve ⁢typing speed‍ and accuracy. The larger keys make it easier to locate and press⁣ the numbers you need, especially ⁢when⁢ working with spreadsheets and conducting data entry ⁣tasks. Additionally, this⁤ numeric keypad supports NumLock, further expanding its functionality.

This product’s lightweight and portable design make it perfect ⁤for various ‍settings, whether it’s at home, in the office, or on the go. ‌Its ⁣sleek black design adds a ‍touch of sophistication to any ⁤workspace. The convenience of using this⁢ numeric keypad for your daily number input needs cannot be overstated.

In terms of⁤ compatibility, this product has you covered. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, ‍and Windows 7/8/10, ⁤as well as Android operating systems. ‌It ⁣works seamlessly with PCs, desktops, notebooks, and other devices with USB ‍ports. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of ⁤users.

What impressed us most‍ about​ the Wired Number Pad is its user-friendly nature. Installation is a breeze as it does not require⁢ any drivers or batteries. Simply plug and play, and⁣ you will have a​ stable connection ⁢ready to go. This convenience ensures that you can start using the numeric keypad immediately without any hassle.

Overall,⁢ our first-hand experience with⁢ the Wired Number Pad, USB Numeric Keypad 19 Key Number Keypad Keyboard for Laptop PC Computer Notebook, Big Print Letters⁢ -⁢ Black has been extremely positive. Its comfortable‍ typing, quiet touch, and ⁢improved speed and accuracy make it a valuable addition to any workspace. Its lightweight, portable design and wide compatibility add to its appeal, making it ‌convenient for both personal ⁤and professional use. If you are in need of a reliable and efficient ⁤numeric⁣ keypad, we highly recommend giving​ this product a try.

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Overview ‍of the Wired ⁣Number Pad

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The Wired Number Pad is an ‍essential accessory for ‌anyone ⁣who needs to enhance their typing experience. With its integrated ergonomic tilt, this numeric keypad provides a comfortable typing position, reducing strain on the wrists. The low noise of the keys ensures a quiet and soft touch, allowing for a more peaceful working environment.

Featuring full-size 19mm keys, this USB wired number pad improves speed and accuracy by making‍ it easier to locate and ‌press ‍the numbers you need. The⁢ numeric keypad also supports NumLock, providing additional functionality. Whether you’re working on spreadsheets or⁣ simply need to input numbers, this black numeric keypad is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for use at home, school, or on business trips.

In terms of compatibility,‌ this number pad is⁣ extremely versatile. It is compatible with Windows operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7/8/10, as well ⁢as Android operating systems. It works seamlessly with ⁤PC, desktop, notebook, and other devices with ‌USB ports. Installation is a breeze as it does not require any drivers ​or batteries. Simply plug it in and start ​using right away for a stable and reliable connection.

Upgrade your typing experience with the Wired Number ​Pad. Don’t miss out on⁤ this⁤ convenient and efficient tool that will make your ⁢life easier. Get yours now on Amazon and enjoy a comfortable, quiet, and accurate typing‌ experience.

Highlighting the Features and Aspects of ​the Wired Number Pad

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When it comes to comfortable typing and reduced​ wrist strain, the Wired Number Pad has got you covered.​ With its integrated ergonomic tilt, typing feels effortless and comfortable even during long hours of use. Plus, the low noise​ of the 19-key USB numeric ⁢keypad ​provides a quiet and soft touch, ⁢making it a joy to type on.

One of the standout features of⁤ this number pad is its full-size 19mm keys. These keys not only make ⁤it easier to locate and press the numbers ‍you’re⁤ looking for, but ‍also improve speed and accuracy.⁣ Whether you’re working ‌on a spreadsheet or performing numerical calculations, this ​wired number pad will enhance your productivity.

What makes⁢ this numeric keypad even more⁣ appealing is its lightweight and portable design.⁢ It’s perfect for on-the-go use, whether you’re working from home, school, or even​ on business trips. It’s incredibly convenient and easy to use, allowing you to quickly plug ⁤and ⁤play without‌ the need for any drivers or batteries.

In terms of compatibility, this ‌wired number pad has‍ you covered. It‍ works seamlessly​ with Windows⁤ 2000, XP, Vista, Windows ‍7/8/10, and even Android operating​ systems. Whether you’re using a PC, desktop, notebook, or any other device⁣ with ⁣USB ports, this ⁣numeric keypad will work like a ​charm.

Overall, ⁣the ⁤Wired Number Pad is a reliable and functional addition to any setup. Its quiet and soft touch, full-size keys, lightweight design, and wide compatibility make it a versatile option for various tasks. Why settle for less when you can enhance your typing experience with this fantastic product? Check it⁣ out on ‌Amazon now⁣ and take your productivity to the next level!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations for the Wired Number Pad

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The ​wired number pad is a⁣ fantastic addition to⁣ any⁢ laptop or desktop computer, providing an easy and ‌efficient way to input numbers. One of the standout features⁤ of this keypad is ‍its quiet and soft touch. Typing on the 19-key numeric keypad is a‍ breeze, with each key​ providing a satisfyingly quiet and ​gentle touch. This is especially important for those who ‌work⁤ in quiet environments or shared ⁣spaces, as it ‌ensures minimal disruption to ⁣those⁤ around you.

In addition to its quiet touch, the wired number pad ‌also‍ boasts ​a⁣ full-size⁤ layout with 19mm keys. This makes it easy to locate and press the numbers you need, improving both‍ speed and accuracy. Whether ⁢you’re crunching numbers on a spreadsheet or inputting data into a program, this keypad will make your tasks much smoother and more efficient.

The lightweight and portable design⁤ of the black numeric⁣ keypads is ‌another major selling point. They⁤ are perfect for ⁣taking on the ‍go, whether it’s for business trips‍ or simply working from different locations. The convenience⁤ of​ having⁣ a separate numeric keypad cannot be overstated, ⁣especially for those who frequently work with‍ numbers. From household​ budgeting ⁢to school assignments and everything in between, this keypad makes number input a breeze.

Furthermore, ​the compatibility of the wired⁣ number pad is impressive. It works seamlessly with various operating ​systems, including Windows 2000, XP,⁢ Vista, Windows⁢ 7/8/10,​ and Android. It is also compatible with‍ a⁢ wide range ⁤of devices, including⁢ PCs, desktops, notebooks, and others with USB ports. This versatility ensures that you can use the wired number ‌pad with ease, regardless of ⁤your​ setup.

Overall, the wired number ⁤pad delivers ‍on its ‌promise of comfort,‌ convenience, and compatibility. Its quiet and soft‍ touch, full-size keys,⁣ lightweight portability, ‍and wide compatibility make it ​a reliable tool for anyone who regularly works with ​numbers. Whether you’re ​a student, ⁣professional, or simply someone​ who needs an efficient‌ number keypad, ‍this product is sure to meet your needs.

Check out the Wired Number Pad on Amazon for ‍a seamless typing experience.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here at our ‌blog, we believe in providing ​you ​with honest and detailed reviews to help ‌you make‌ informed decisions. We have analyzed the customer reviews for⁤ the Wired Number Pad, ⁣USB Numeric Keypad to give you a comprehensive understanding of its pros and cons. Let’s dive into what customers ⁢have to say:

“Ya‌ cannot​ beat this for the price.”

This customer is impressed with the affordability of the product ‌and finds the build quality‍ to be sturdy and durable. However, they express frustration with the inability to use alt code keys ‍without making registry edits ⁢on Windows ⁢10. Despite this concern, ​they ‍still ‍consider it a fine peripheral.

“Exactly what I needed as ‌a separate macro ⁢pad.”

Another customer highlights that the product serves its purpose as a separate macro pad for their main keyboard. They are pleasantly ⁣surprised​ by the sturdy build quality and appreciate ​the slightly firm keypress. For them, it may⁤ not be fancy, but it gets the job done.

“Works well with a small adjustment period.”

This customer states that ⁢the numeric keypad responds well to touch. They⁢ mention needing some time to adjust to the placement of ‌the double ⁤zero, but overall, they are very happy with the product.

“Functional for Chromebook, but limited key functions.”

A⁣ customer who uses this product with a Chromebook finds that it serves its purpose as a⁢ numeric⁤ entry pad. They mention that the NumLock key does not seem to⁤ work, but it avoids the flaws mentioned‌ in other products, such⁤ as interfering⁣ with ⁣the Chromebook keyboard. ​They are satisfied enough⁢ to purchase another ‍one for their second ⁣Chromebook.

“Stopped working after limited use.”

This customer⁣ expresses disappointment that the⁤ product stopped working after only 5 ‌uses. It seems that their experience ⁤was unsatisfactory, and⁤ they had higher expectations.

“Consistently reliable for business ​needs.”

A customer who has ‍ordered ‍multiple units for their business ‌emphasizes the ‌reliability ⁢of⁤ the product. They ‌have had no ⁣issues with the seller ⁤or ⁤the functionality of the numeric keypads and are satisfied with their purchases.

“It‍ works, with minor adjustment.”

Another customer ⁢finds that the product works as ​expected. They mention that the 00 key may require some getting used to, but it is manageable.

“Works as expected.”

Lastly, a customer summarizes their review by⁤ stating ‍that the⁤ product⁢ functions as‌ intended without any specific issues or concerns.

Overall Verdict

After analyzing these customer ‌reviews, we can ⁤conclude that the⁣ Wired Number Pad, ‌USB ⁣Numeric Keypad⁤ generally‍ receives ‌positive feedback. Many customers appreciate its affordability, sturdy build quality,⁢ and reliable functionality. However, some users faced specific issues, such as compatibility with alt code keys, limited‍ key functions, or early product failure. It’s important to be aware of these potential ​limitations before making ‍a purchase ⁤decision.

Customer Ratings⁢ Summary

Rating Count
5 stars 4
4​ stars 2
3 stars 0
2 stars 0
1 star 1

Based on the ‍available ratings, ‍4 out of⁣ 7 customers rated this product with‌ the highest rating of 5 stars.‌ The ​overall average rating is approximately 4.29 stars.

Pros ⁤& Cons

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  • Comfortable typing experience with ‌integrated ergonomic tilt.
  • Reduces wrist strain.
  • Quiet and soft⁢ touch with low noise.
  • Full-size 19mm keys for⁣ improved speed and accuracy.
  • Numeric keypad supports NumLock.
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect⁤ for working on spreadsheets.
  • Wide compatibility with‍ various operating systems.
  • No driver or battery required, easy installation with plug and play.


  • Limited functionality with only 19 keys.
  • Lacks additional⁢ features⁢ like backlighting or wireless connectivity.
  • May ‍take⁤ some​ time to ​adjust to⁤ the new layout if not accustomed to a numeric keypad.
  • Not compatible‍ with all devices, specifically those without USB ports.
  • The black color may show ⁣fingerprints and smudges easily.


The Wired Number Pad, USB ​Numeric Keypad 19 Key​ Number Keypad Keyboard ‌for Laptop PC Computer‍ Notebook is a‍ great addition ⁤to enhance your typing experience. It provides comfort, reduces wrist strain,⁣ and offers a quiet‌ and soft touch. The full-size 19mm keys improve speed and⁣ accuracy, while the numeric keypad supports NumLock. It ‌is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for use in various settings. The wide compatibility with different operating⁢ systems allows for versatility. The easy​ installation with plug and‍ play functionality, along with the lack of driver or battery‍ requirements, offers⁢ a hassle-free experience. However, the limited functionality, absence of additional ​features, potential learning curve, and⁣ lack of ⁤compatibility with devices without USB ports are some drawbacks to consider. Overall, if you ‌are in need ‍of a dedicated ‍number pad, this product offers a comfortable and​ efficient solution for your typing needs. ​


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Q: Is ‍this number pad comfortable to use?

A: Yes, ⁣absolutely! ​The integrated ergonomic tilt ​design of this wired⁣ number pad provides a comfortable typing experience and helps reduce wrist‌ strain.‌ So, you⁤ can type away without any discomfort.

Q: Does it make a‍ lot of noise while typing?

A:⁤ No, ⁢it doesn’t! The 19-key USB numeric keypad is designed to have low noise, giving⁢ you a ⁣quiet ⁣and​ soft touch while typing. So, you can work in⁤ a peaceful environment without any distractions.

Q: Is it easy ‌to install?

A: Definitely! This USB wired numpad does⁣ not ‍require⁤ any ‌driver or battery. It is extremely easy to install; simply plug it‍ into a USB port, and ⁣you are good to go. It gives you ⁤a stable connection, making⁤ your ‌work efficient and hassle-free.

Q:​ What is the size of the⁢ keys?

A: The keys on this numeric keypad are⁤ full-size⁣ 19mm keys. This size improvement makes it easier for you to⁣ locate and press the numbers you are looking for, enhancing your typing speed and accuracy.

Q: Can I carry it around easily?

A: Certainly! The lightweight‌ and portable ⁣black numeric keypads are perfect for working on spreadsheets⁢ or any ⁣numerical tasks. Whether you need it for household work, school projects,‍ business trips, or everyday use, ⁢it is incredibly ​convenient to ⁤carry ‍around and use‌ whenever you need it.

Q: Is it compatible​ with all devices?

A: It is compatible with a wide‍ range of⁢ devices and ⁢operating⁣ systems. Whether you are using Windows 2000, XP, Vista, ‌or Windows 7/8/10,‍ or even Android ​operating systems,⁤ this numeric keypad will work seamlessly. It is designed to work with PCs, desktops, notebooks, and other devices with USB‌ ports.

We hope this Q&A section has helped answer‌ any questions you may have had about our⁣ Wired‍ Number Pad. If you have any further queries, please don’t‍ hesitate to‍ reach out⁤ to us.

Experience the Difference

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In conclusion, ​the Wired Number Pad is the perfect companion‍ to enhance your typing experience. With its comfortable design⁢ and easy installation, this numeric keypad provides a quiet and soft ⁣touch, reducing ‌wrist strain and making your work more enjoyable.

The full-size 19mm keys make it easier to locate and press the numbers you need, boosting‌ your speed and accuracy. Whether you’re working on spreadsheets or simply need a convenient ⁣number pad for daily use, this lightweight and portable black numeric ‍keypad⁤ is‌ ideal for household, ‍school, business trips, or any other occasion.

What’s more, this USB ​wired numpad requires no driver or battery,⁤ making ⁣it hassle-free and ready‌ to use right⁣ out of the box. It‍ offers a stable connection and is compatible with various operating ‍systems, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows ‌7/8/10, and even Android.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate​ your typing experience. Click ⁤here to grab the Wired Number Pad now and take your productivity to the⁣ next level: https://amazon.com/dp/B0BNPVMQVT?tag=jiey0407-20.

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