Reviewing Girls’ Water-Resistant Snowsuit: Winter Must-Have (2T-16)

As we gear up for⁣ the winter season,⁢ we‍ know how⁣ crucial it is to find the perfect snowsuit to keep our⁣ little ones warm and cozy. In our search for the ultimate winter ⁢gear for our‌ girls, we​ came across the Girls’ ‌Snowsuit – Water Resistant ​Winter Jacket and​ Ski ‍Bib Overalls (2T-16), and let us tell you – it‍ did not disappoint! With its fleece-lined interior, stylish patterns and colors, and ⁢water-resistant design, this snowsuit ​is a game-changer⁢ for braving ⁤the‍ cold⁣ weather while still looking fabulous. Join‍ us as we⁤ dive ​into the details of this must-have winter essential ⁣and find out why it’s the perfect choice ⁤for your little snow bunny this season.

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When it comes ⁣to staying warm ⁤and stylish during the winter months, ‌this snowsuit for​ girls‌ is a must-have. The fleece lined jacket ⁤and ski​ bib overalls not only provide excellent insulation ​against the cold, ⁣but they also come in a variety of stylish​ patterns⁣ and‌ colors to suit any young fashionista’s taste. With product dimensions of 14.5 x 10.4 ⁤x 6 inches and a weight of 2 pounds, this snowsuit ‍is the ⁣perfect combination of comfort and style.

Constructed ⁤with water-resistant materials, this snowsuit is designed to⁢ keep your ​little one dry and cozy all season long. The item model number 99988583 clearly indicates⁣ the⁤ attention to detail​ put into creating this high-quality product. Whether hitting the slopes or playing ‌in the snow, this ⁣snowsuit will keep ⁣your child warm and fashionable. Don’t miss out on this winter essential – check ⁢it out on Amazon today!

Outstanding Features

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When it comes ⁣to ,⁣ this girls’⁣ snowsuit truly delivers. ‌With its water-resistant ​design, your little one can stay cozy and dry while enjoying all⁣ their favorite winter activities. The fleece lining adds⁣ an extra layer of ⁤warmth,⁢ ensuring that they stay comfortable⁤ even in‍ the coldest weather.

What ​really stands out are the stylish patterns and colors available for this snowsuit. From vibrant florals to bold ⁣solids, there’s a look to suit every taste. The product dimensions ‌are also convenient, making it ⁤easy to store and ‌travel ⁢with. With all these fantastic features, it’s no wonder this snowsuit is‌ a ‍top pick for winter ⁤gear.

Product Dimensions 14.5 x 10.4 x‌ 6​ inches
Item⁣ model number 99988583
Department Girls
Date First Available May 25, 2022

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Detailed Insights

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When it comes to finding the perfect snowsuit for⁤ your little ‍one, ⁤our girls’ water-resistant winter jacket and ski ⁣bib overalls are a top choice.​ The fleece lining ensures ⁢that your​ child stays warm and cozy even in the coldest temperatures, ⁣while⁤ the stylish patterns and colors add a fun touch to their winter wardrobe. Available in a range of sizes from 2T to 16, there’s⁤ a perfect fit for⁢ every girl.

  • Fleece lined for extra warmth
  • Stylish patterns and‍ colors

Product Dimensions 14.5⁤ x 10.4 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds
Item Model Number 99988583
Department Girls
Date First Available May 25, ​2022

Overall,‌ we ⁢highly recommend ​this snowsuit for any ‍winter adventure. The quality construction and attention to ⁣detail make it‌ a⁢ reliable ⁢choice for keeping your child warm and‌ dry during all their snowy escapades.‌ With the variety of sizes and the cute⁢ patterns available, it’s easy to see why ​this snowsuit is a favorite among‍ parents and ​kids alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity ‍to outfit your⁤ little one in this stylish and functional winter gear.


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When it ⁢comes to for winter gear, we are always on the lookout for quality and style. The Girls’ Snowsuit definitely ‍checks both boxes with its water-resistant material and fleece-lined design. The stylish patterns and colors⁣ available make it a fun and⁤ fashionable choice for girls of all ⁣ages.

With product dimensions of 14.5 x 10.4 x 6 inches and weighing only 2 pounds, this snowsuit is lightweight and easy to move around in. The item model number 99988583 ensures that you are getting a reliable and well-made piece of outerwear. Whether hitting the slopes or ​just playing ​in the snow, this snowsuit ⁤is a practical and trendy option for any winter wardrobe.

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Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

After carefully analyzing the⁤ customer reviews for the Girls’‌ Water-Resistant Snowsuit, ​we have compiled a ⁢summary of the feedback provided by our ⁤customers:

Review Rating
Absolutely adorable.‍ Very ​warm and fits my ⁤granddaughter very well. Very well made! 5 stars
This product was a pleasant surprise, ⁤you get what you⁣ pay for not ‍the case. ⁣The jacket is super pretty, warm‌ and fits ⁢great. I’m ⁣glad I took the chance on this set it does not disappoint ⁣for the cost. 5 stars
My 4-year-old niece loves it. The coat is warm and the material ⁢is nice. The snow pants fit​ nicely too! 5 stars
I love the thickness and quality of this⁤ set. My girls are size 10/12 and the 14/16 ⁤fit just a⁤ little big but that’s what I ⁣was hoping because I can use it for 2 seasons.⁢ So worth the money. And​ the headband for keeping the ⁢ears warm​ was a great addition. 5 stars
It’s really‍ nice ⁣but it runs ⁢small. I had to return it. 4 ⁣stars
I ​love this for my daughter it fit her​ amazing and kept her​ warm and comfortable. 5 stars
Perfect for snow tubing 5 stars
My daughter has finally outgrown this⁢ snowsuit, but it worked perfectly‌ and‌ kept her warm while we have been able to ‍use it.‍ The ‍size was just right too. I ⁣was and am ⁣very pleased ‍with this purchase. 5 stars
Llego a tiempo‌ y el material y todo muy bien. 4 stars
El‌ paquete llego a tiempo y se ​ve de buena calidad. Pero llego incompleto. Lo devolveré. 3 ‍stars

Overall, the majority of customers were highly satisfied⁤ with the Girls’ Water-Resistant Snowsuit. They praised its warmth, quality, and fit. ‍Some customers mentioned‍ that the product runs small, so⁢ it is advised to carefully check the sizing chart before purchasing. Despite a few minor issues, the snowsuit proved to be a practical and stylish winter⁣ must-have for young girls.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Water-resistant material
Fleece-lined for extra warmth
Stylish⁤ patterns and colors
Durable⁤ construction


May run small, so consider sizing up
Not suitable for extremely cold temperatures
Can be pricey compared⁢ to other snowsuits


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Q: Is this snowsuit true to size?

A: Yes, we found that this snowsuit runs true to size. We recommend referring to the size chart provided by the manufacturer to‍ ensure the best ‍fit for ​your child.

Q: Is this‌ snowsuit machine washable?

A: Yes, ⁣this snowsuit ⁣is machine washable. We suggest following⁣ the care instructions on the label to properly⁢ maintain the water-resistant properties.

Q: Does this ‌snowsuit keep kids warm in ⁣cold‌ temperatures?

A: Absolutely! The fleece ⁣lining in this snowsuit provides⁣ excellent insulation to keep kids⁤ warm ⁢and​ cozy during chilly winter days. Plus,⁤ the water-resistant outer shell helps protect against snow and moisture.

Q: Are ⁢there any pockets in this snowsuit?

A: Yes,​ there are pockets in both the jacket ‍and ski bib overalls of this snowsuit. They are⁢ perfect for storing small⁣ essentials like gloves​ or snacks while out in the ​snow.

Q:⁣ Can this snowsuit be used for skiing or snowboarding?

A: ⁣Yes, ‌this snowsuit is versatile ⁢and⁣ can ⁣be used for various winter​ activities, including ‌skiing and snowboarding. The⁤ bib overalls provide extra protection and coverage for added⁢ warmth.

Q: ⁤Are⁤ there different color options ⁢available for this snowsuit?

A: Yes, this snowsuit comes​ in a ⁣variety of stylish patterns and colors to suit different preferences. ⁤From fun prints to classic colors, there is something for every fashion-forward ​girl.

Seize the Opportunity

As we ​wrap up ‍our review of the Girls’ Water-Resistant Snowsuit,⁣ we can’t help but emphasize just how essential ⁤this winter must-have ⁢is‍ for young girls. With its fleece ⁢lining, stylish ‌patterns, and ​water-resistant feature, this snowsuit combines both functionality and fashion effortlessly. Whether your little one is hitting the slopes or playing ​in the snow, this snowsuit will keep her warm and cozy all day long.

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Stay warm and stylish ‍with the Girls’ Water-Resistant Snowsuit – ⁢the ⁢perfect winter companion for your little‍ fashionista.

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